A little bit of

Our History


One of the biggest personalities in the VW scene, Toby has owned every Transporter model from T1 to T6. He’s also owned almost every car VW made but his first van was a T2 Westfalia that he pimped back in 1995 ( ‘Cal Look’ – so last century!). You might be struck by his blunt honesty, infectious enthusiasm, or depth of knowledge, but behind all that is a total professional and a shear perfectionist.

The “T4collective” is his fan base – customers (friends to be honest) past and present, family, his suppliers, and even competitors – meeting up regularly to admire and show off each other’s vans (and Toby’s workmanship).


Her history with Transporters goes back to before she was born – Vdubs have been her life. Nobody knows more than Toby does about Transporters but Sally is catching him up. She has Toby’s larger than life honesty and attention to detail and runs Transporter Life with the same passion. A working mum, Sally is dedicated towards making Transporter Life just as well known, well thought of, and all-round successful as her Dad’s company is.

It looks like her son, Seb, will be carrying on his grandads love of ‘Dubs into the next generation.

The Future?

Well having done every BusFest since about 1996 all the VW shows will be a part of it, as will all VW’s new models as they appear, beautiful new products, and even more new friends.

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