Bilstein b14 komfort T5 T5.1 T6 T6.1 T26 T28 T30


Looking for more? A little more comfort in compression damping than the previous B14 and a little more reduction in side tilt? Plus maximum durability and stability of the springs developed + made by Eibach Germany? Then the new B14 KOMFORT is the right choice! Lowering range 40 to 70mm adjustable front and rear.

We have test driven this kit and it handles great and is super comfortable. You can really feel with the difference with improved inbound, rebound and reduced body roll.

Suitable for early T5’s all the way to the brand new T6.1


We offer a fitting service for £210 plus vat at our workshop in Preston, Lancashire PR3 2ED. If you would like to book in please call 01772 784491.

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